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If you need legal advice one of the hardest things is knowing out how much it will cost you , this adds unwanted stress at a very difficult time.
Lawyers do not like giving estimates or committing themselves to a figure, they prefer to take money on account of work they expect to do which can mean quite large initial payments.
For the average person this can be a very difficult minefield to cross especially with the worries of the case itself occupying your mind.
We can assist you by getting you the best for your money by negotiating their legal fees for you.
Before you go to a solicitor contact us. We can approach a suitable solicitor on your behalf and get you a better deal on fees than if you went to them yourself.
This means you can concentrate on your case and not worry about being charged excessive fees.
By utilising our contacts in the legal world we can ensure that you get both a good quality legal service and value for money.

We can approach the lawyers and speak their language for you with a view to them signing an agreement to charge fees at the level that we set. This table of fees is not unrealistic, we do not expect good professionals to be poorly paid. However we do expect them to be reasonable and efficient when working on your case. By doing this we are giving you the comfort of knowing that you are getting value for money and that your legal team will do a good job for a fair price.
We can assist in any area of law, so contact us for a simple assessment before you commit yourself to spend more than you need to. You will find our one-off fee for this service is fraction of what you may overpay a lawyer.
Our approach is to speak plain language whenever possible, we know that most clients prefer that and we will not try and baffle you with jargon.
To contact us go to the enquiries page so that we can assess your case without delay. As soon as we have your email we will consider it and then let you know what we think your reasonable legal cost will be and what our fee is for obtaining your set fees agreement with a solicitor.
We do not charge you for considering your case , we only charge you if we get legal representation you need for the legal fees we agree.